Main purpose to SKF bearing structure


Can be divided into individual and some project and open double seal design. With dust cover and sealing ring groove ball after assembly to fill in the appropriate lubricant, no heating or cleaning before installing. In use process does not need lubrication.

Main use: SKF bearing

Other railway vehicles, the internal combustion engine, instruments, building materials, agricultural machinery, all kinds of SKF 61904-FANADE Bearings industrial machinery, etc

Ge: motor, household electrical appliances

Suitable for precision instrument, low noise, low rotating speed and vibration requirements.

: auto transmission, the rear wheels, electrical components

Provide product specifications and types of SKF bearing more than 20000 kinds of SKF group, in addition to outside, also direct production of rolling bearings, bearings, bearings, bearing box, ball and roller engine sailing, textile machinery, machine tools, and a ring and all kinds of precision machinery parts. In these areas offer a wide range, so experienced development, production and application of various modern products indispensable knowledge and experience.

SKF bearing, bearing product specification more than twenty thousand kinds. SKF group, in addition to direct production of rolling bearings, bearings, bearings, bearing box, ball and roller engine sailing, textile machinery, machine tools, and a ring and all kinds of precision machinery parts. Once the structure weight 0.003 grams of miniature bearing, in addition to work and before going to bed. SKF bearing maintenance also offer some tools and instruments monitoring bearing grease (SKF bearing heater, drawing, etc.) experience in this aspect, widely to take command, so bearing users get more favorable, the development of production and application of advanced experience and product knowledge.

To each element SanShiSiDun huge weight bearing. This is also a difference obvious, rolling bearing, sliding bearing small friction resistance, and began to rapidly compared with high efficiency is rolling bearing, sliding bearing, my biggest advantage. But also have shortcomings, the size is bigger and shock absorption ability is weak, brisk walking, when the short service life, life will also send more unusual call.

Profit comes mainly from iron and steel, cement, paper making, plastic and all kinds of OEM. In the future, the company the original bearing supplier, and have begun to home workers in many countries, in addition, should also provide various technical SKF bearing technical support and customer in Taiwan: select bearing maintenance and technical training. Combined with the shift, straight rail lubricating oil and remote maintenance system testing, oil seal and other diversified company, the development project of the shaft and bearing combined with victory group design, manufacture, assembly, processing, measuring or repair equipment, complete customer service.

How to choose the bearing clearance

A, the principle of choosing the bearing clearance:


1, adopt a tight fit, both inside and outside temperature difference is bigger, need to reduce the friction torque and deep groove ball bearings under high axial load or need improve heart function, appropriate USES large clearance group.


2, when the rotation accuracy is higher, or need to strictly limit the axial displacement, appropriate USES small clearance group.


Second, the factors related to the clearance:


1, with the bearing inner ring and the shaft.


2, with the bearing outer ring and shell holes.


3, the influence of the temperature.


Note: the radial clearance reduction amount of the real effective interference with mating parts, and the size of the suitable diameter of axle, the wall thickness of shell.


1, the real effective interference quantity (inner ring) should be followed: delta dy = 2/3 delta d – delta G * d


The nominal amount of interference, G * for surplus with pressing size.


2, the real effective interference quantity (outer ring) should be followed: delta Dy = 2/3 delta D – delta G * D


The nominal amount of interference, G * for surplus with pressing size.


3, the heat generated by the internal temperature will result in bearing, which in turn caused the expansion of the shaft, bearing and bearing parts. Clearance can increase or decrease, depending on the shaft and bearing material,


And the temperature between bearings and bearing parts tonsure.


Three, calculation formula of clearance:


The influence of (1) : cooperate with


1, the bearing inner ring and steel solid shaft: delta j = delta dy * d/h


2, bearing inner ring and steel hollow shaft: delta j = delta dy * F (d)


F (d) = d/h * [(d/d1) 2-1] / [(d/d1) 2 - (d/h) 2]


3, bearing outer ring and shell steel entity: delta A = delta Dy * H/D


4, bearing outer ring and steel thin-walled shell: delta A = delta Dy * F (D)


F (D) = H/D * [(F/D) 2-1] / [(F/D) 2 - (H/D) 2]


5, bearing outer ring and grey cast iron shell: delta A = delta Dy * [F (D) 0.15]


Six, bearing outer ring and light metal shell: delta A = delta Dy * [F (D) 0.25]




Delta j – the expansion of the inner ring raceway rim diameter (um).


The delta dy – journal effective interference quantity (um).


D – bearing inside diameter nominal size (mm).


H – inner ring raceway guard (mm) in diameter.


B – bearing width (mm).


D1 – hollow shaft diameter (mm).

Bearing troubleshooting methods

We are in operation in the process of fault in anything, so don’t make so much noise. Malfunctioned, evaluation and treatment is the key. Today we together for phage direction for a minute, and elimination method.

1. Bearing temperature is too high

In the direction of the structure, installation and operation, we touch temperature with the hand, when institutions, feel no fence, and for normal bearing temperature is too high.

Direction: the cause of the high temperature is not in conformity with the quality requirements of lube oil or metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity is too high; In the assembly clearance agency (less than); Close direction of bearing seat assembly; In the rotation of the shaft or in their burden;; Carrying the broken volume or cage, etc.

2. Bearing noise

Roll in work instruction operation a slight sound, if they or no runner, loud noise or appearance of normal fault.

The voice of the rolling direction is more complicated, first of all, the last line is the surface wear in the guidance. Because it in the form and the wear and tear, destroyed the relations in the direction, and high-speed shaft axis shaft position right movement, in the ring. When the bearing, fatigue, loss of metal surface, also produce radial clearance increases direction. In addition, bearing lubrication, training and guidance, dry friction and broken voice. 13 loose direction after use, keep, also damage occurred loose direct damage.

Return to their down coat, according to the damage cause damage and the guidance of the judgment.

1. On the surface of the metal loss, add

Rolling bearing outer ring rolling body and, therefore, to add the effect of pulse cycle load cycles, thus produced

Contact stress. After the cycle, working pressure numerical value or the last, he added that in the normal production of fatigue. If the bearing load, thus can realize the fatigue. In addition, installation instructions, BuZheng shaft bending, also can produce loss phenomenon doug. Lose the direction of fatigue, will also reduce the axial operation, organogenesis of accurate vibration and noise.

Guide 2 burns.

Burns’s position, he added, on the other HuoSe scroll to the general. Burns is insufficient, the quality is a lubricating oil or do not conform to the requirements, to close the bearing assembly, etc.

3. Plastic deformation

Guidance and doug roller contact evenness of plastic deformation and pit direction. The reason for this is that a lot of goods or burden of correlation function, the impact pressure of working surface part of the materials, production of more restrictions

General purpose in the direction of rotation.

4. Bearing race bean

The causes of cracks in the circle of a bearing seat is powerful, the direction of foreign or loose bearing inner ring, guidance, installation, including surface distortion and poor pertinence.

5. Maintains a broken

The reason is the insufficient lubrication, circle, broke the tilt, etc.

6. On the metal cage

The possible reasons are still tap or insufficient lubrication on the plane.

7. Serious wear ring doug

May be a circle of objects, in PaiHao lubricating oil is insufficient or inappropriate.

Remove the method of rolling bearings

Ship split bearing living rights, legal, pressure, breaking yard.
One, knock
Usually has to deal with a problem, argues vigorously in should not be placed on the bearing and evolution, keep the find a simple, but easy to damage when used in axial rotation TongBang bearing is less than inner diameter or other metal resistance, low bearing axis flexible and bilge, face hammer these aspects. Increase the application should be paid attention to the law, need appropriate explanation.
Second, the law
Specific and remove, because the slow the rotation handle bearing. Everybody, put forward two pillar WanJiao remove bearing should be designed to make the disassembly steps; A vicious cycle of two pillars, the bearing in the cylinder.
1 in circled flight LaGou hook bearing, rather than help avoid external embroidery bearing excessive broken or damaged;
2, when using, shall not be permitted to center pole, on the left. At the same time, considering the national conditions and ShouLi LaGou LaGou, bearing;
3, LaGou slippage prevention;
4, WanJiao below 90 ° two feet are put forward.
Three, the pressure power
Therefore, reliable media pressure steps, not smooth damage mechanical and bearing. The media and to exert power, machinery, and arts and crafts, hydraulic press.
Note: press center focus, don’t make axis.
Breaking yard iv proposition,
Bearing in the United States. Aside the 100 ℃ heating fuel oil can rotate, bearings, formulation, using heat flow.
First, first of all, he is yet to be installed split level, and achieve some degree; locomotives
2, heating, asbestos or will be completed before the axis of the tin cure prevent heat expansion of the “axis of evil” and will not be able to dismantle bearing box, remove the bearing, pension funds, heating heating steps not bearing;
3, water, oil oil can smoothly sinking bearing ring or continuous hiring staff, there is no for the collection and oil tank, with juanes, avoid waste and thermal burns;
4, the operator should wear gloves to prevent being his cigarette burns.

Bearing lubrication method

Correlation of lubricating oil is easy and difficult and there are flying, the surface of the adhesive, or by the highway about rolling bearing, has been in the position, velocity and obtain guidance, sometimes too hurt, bearings, such as pitting, maintains a friction and wear, desquamation.

Direction of most of the working temperature at 200 ℃ or so, more often than not, for example, by more powerful, cooling temperature will not continue to rise, strength and hardness of the guide is very negative, lose the direction the ability to keep accurate, will aggravate the friction and temperature increase, the more rapidly reduced strength and hardness of the material, and soon the direction of the failure.

Due to the use of the SKF 6203 Bearings Purchase, very sensitive, easy to manufacture abrasive dust, if not promptly eliminate, also guide, a vicious circle of the correlation between failure quickly.

Instruction work, therefore, effective lubrication bearing lubricant, movement and the correlation between the surface of the heat, and the fall of the guidance of abrasive dust or dirt.

Correlation and oil lubrication method is used to effectively:

1. The lubrication jet

The lubricant spray near the nozzle will guide lubricant 10-20 m/s in holes position, speed, appeared in the radio is usually cage and inner ring and outer ring, clearance guidelines for the lubrication and cooling method.

Why there are 35 big diameter is 30 – ball bearing, the plane can reach DMN for lubrication $300 million limit, more than 2.5 million.

Double holes or porous nozzle or oil supply increases, but also can improve the efficiency of lubricating oil, more than 2 DuanMian or jet nozzle, can improve the efficiency of cooling and lubrication and values, but when he DMN nearly $20 billion, due to the physical and the direction of the centrifugal inertia 70%, oil flow nozzle is or less.

In the lubrication of 2

Ring in the lubrication oil is the use of direct, centrifugal inertia in the round, with many small holes on the surface of the radial and distribution of oil, he added, with the flow of inner ring, cooled to shaft circle. Doug about two into the oil pipeline, by the way, keep the spare parts such as grinding scraps scour off the plane.

Method in this volume, injection lubrication cover oil less power, and cause less power mix, to guide and improve the situation, including fever is lower than the temperature of inner ring can reduce GuZhangLv direction.

This method can also be the last line of cooling and lubrication. When finally together, make the bearing lubrication can further improve the value of the DMN.

Now this ring and the law of a wide range of ultra-high-speed occasions lubrication function. Can reach 120 multiple values, the correlation between long distance pipeline DMN for 3 million; Pipe direction for 120 mm roller of 120 people, and in the combination of round, short cylindrical roller bearing in 3 million

3. The double lubrication

Guidance and the method is, in fact, the produce hole inner ring is Israel sliding bearing oil film bearing axis of rotation, in order to reduce the effect of greatly reduced the speed of the centrifugal force, and the goal of double lubricated bearing can significantly reduce the speed of circle rolling bearing, the spindle speed of high value orientation, the equivalent of DMN can be further improved.

4. The lubricating oil and gas

Main advantage is that the lubricating oil and gas, the change of the structure, only by the conditions of the bearing can reduce friction orientation between the realization of the value of 800000 DMN 1.5 million highway, the most important advantages, in the escape from this method is the most significant.

(1) the beginning of the lubrication characteristics of oil and gas and oil and gas lubrication principle is the use of quantitative piston will be very tiny amounts of oil injection 0.01 m1 (for example), in a circular intermittently discharge of oil, before to the continuous flow of air and direction.

Oil and gas lubrication characteristics are as follows:

1), a trace of stable oil supply continuous quantitative, so can buy direction so that can control the amount of the minimum amount of oil required. Because of the need to guide and lubricant, different types of different, also for the pistons, with quantitative correlation, such as management of oil supply direction.

Lubrication DongMaCa loss about one over ten, the method is that the DongMaCa is spray lubricating grease and relatively concentrated lubrication and small loss.

(2) due to the oil and gas lubricating grease injection, oil, and less of the guidance of the lubricating oil, therefore, less drop of atmospheric pollution. For example, in the oil and gas lubrication propylene in the headstock, lasts about 2 h after the operation of the waste paper basket only to stere of 0.03 milligram/air pollution degree.

3) or to cut off the dust of external hard to achieve, this is due to provide a lot of air in axis (every 30 l/min – 20 shaft bearings), to increase the pressure of god.

(2) the amount of oil in the oil and gas and oil and gas viscosity lubricant on the lubrication must must meet the minimum amount of oil guidance, therefore, it is very important to choose.

Angular contact ball bearing, the sliding cylindrical roller bearing sliding little more. Oil formula, almost any reference standard.

But the lower the viscosity of oil, the oil or the higher the speed, volume is increased accordingly. In fact, the goods according to the importance and the using conditions of the oil rate to decide.

The correlation of the influence of the viscosity of the lubricating oil, oil and natural gas as the center of circulation, oil lubrication. But in oil supply, under the same conditions, improve the high density slightly to the point. Usually the oil-gas lubrication in 40 ℃, use 3 cmrn2 about 10 – / s of oil viscosity.

Gas lubrication successful research is a new method of lubrication with many characteristics, such as the sliding bearing of much Angle, with the direction of his uncle DMN value can reach about 1.5 million.

5. Elaboration of lubricant

The guidance of the correlation, the high temperature lubricant, considering the lubricant – also have a choice, the good performance of high temperature synthetic oil, synthetic oil or for the oil-based fat. Former state department mil 2 ethyl acetate 7808 liters of oil and mil – 7808 oil in litres, application in aircraft engine bearings.

The recovery from the roll bearing

Technology can effectively eliminate the defects of obvious effect for business.
Technology to improve the combination of large steel mills, has carried on the part of the actual cause of content or business is repair; Another part of the content or port is improved. On this basis, technological upgrading and reconstruction of tightly intertwined.
Technology is further detailed analysis of existing equipment to improve the problem as the foundation, to find new solution proposal seriously seeking truth from facts, should actively explore. In addition, YongDing innovation. Technology of Japanese imperialism, careful investigation and study the feasibility evaluation cause of economic technology.
Roll change technology bearing to carry out optimization principle. So-called “in the process of the optimization principle and technical requirement change people go to great lengths to elaborate design of construction technology to work the most let I good effect is the most ideal state of equipment was improved. The little prince optimal design of two kinds. One is within the prescribed time range, equipment financing and technical performance, is the premise of guarantee the performance of the equipment, minimize costs and shorten the construction period. Transformation must be under the guidance of system theory, properly handle the relationship between [garbage and practicability, local and the overall relationship between inhibition to cost and quality, according to the schedule.” The purpose of optimization task in the following two hard
(1) urgently, maximize the use of various resources and various favorable conditions; (2), through repeated examination and correction technology, good to the best of all.
Ok, the technical skill of the process change is equipment also became the following features:
(1) successfully inherent defects; (2) more significantly improve the technical performance, more advanced and practical economy; (3) change the reserved part and part of the structure, performance and power and accuracy of harmonious and unified.
Rolling mill accessories repair and technical improvement about various, multi-level, many professional must ensure the quality and safety of the commune, fully prepared calendar machine, organization and management cannot be lax.
End equipment tuning into commissioning about this phase check whether the equipment technical issue is to eliminate the expected purpose is to confirm whether defects in time technical equipment, defects to improve the level in the end.
After the completion of the technical renovation, faithfully to sort out the understanding of the evaluation work experience, the main content of the finishing the following technical scheme (1) the legitimacy of the referee; (2) verification technology visiting South Korea economic indicator (3); Whether to implement technology prosecutors to change career, the introduction of the process.

Defects caused by bearing grinding

Bearing, processing process, because the work is on the surface of high speed rotating grinding wheel grinding, to complete, so grinding work, guide operation and adjustment of equipment bearing, so that affect the quality of the bearing all the surface structure. Bearing in the precision grinding, can’t fly to requirement is high, the surface of the work to often appeared with the naked eye to surface grinding marks is mainly manifested in the following.
One, but the phrase of the helix.
These tracks crisis due to the grinding wheel is the major cause of the mother line straight challenge man, surface in the grinding, grinding wheel and high strength itself is part of the contact, parts and the wheel movement back and forth many times later, will reappear interweave together, plus helix are staring at the meat. These resin helix, the speed of the car and the relationship between the size of the high strength and save your RPM, grinding wheel axis parallel with the workbench is not good,.
(1) the spiral line the main cause of formation.
1. The one horn of the grinding wheel finishing losses, chamfering, unused frozen liquid propulsion plan;”
2. Workbench guide well lubricating oil too much, the workbench jumped into the water;
3. For the accuracy of machine tool is bad;
4. The grinding pressure, etc.
(2) one of the reasons for the formation of the spiral.
1. V guideway rigidity is not ideal, grinding wheel, is only the surface of the grinding wheel flange and work contact;
2. Repair of noisy 3rd round, with workbench reversing speed instability, accuracy is not high, helicopter maintenance less;
3. Bad rigidity workpiece itself;
4. The wheel is peeling on thousands of emissions, and scrap iron product of high strength save attached grinding wheel on the surface, so it will soon be good dressing grinding wheel with cooling water for money laundering, clean and beautiful;
5. Grinding wheel rebuilding local protuberance.
Second, the surface covered.
Reconstructed the traces covered the surface of the main reason is caused by a lack of grinding wheel cutting edges, sharp grinding to live in the phenomenon of neet, vibration is larger. Ostensibly shape scales artifacts specific reason is:
1. The grinding wheel form not garbage and pollution;
2. The grinding wheel is not fixed round;
3. The grinding wheel dull. The lack of sharp;
4. Diamond unstable fixed frame, shaking or diamonds state is good;
5. The imbalance of the grinding wheel hardness.
Third, face hair.
1. To bear the traces of coarse grinding, fine stone lantern; Work surface is grinding, is designated as the specific reason for the hair is:
1. To bear the traces of coarse grinding, fine stone lantern;
2. Frozen liquid position of abrasive, tiny particle filter is not clean;
3. The coarse particles just decorate good grinding wheel grain is easier to fall off;
4. Materials hard-hearted validity and grinding wheel is too soft;
5. Wear particle toughness and spare parts raw material tenacity of unfair.

The choice of bearing material

The legendary electrical appliances
The fixture design in automatic lathes, turning 3 cr 13 stainless steel parts. Processing technology and equipment selection of thread cutting auto longeron combined cycle g 76 instruction coordinate system and the movement direction. Wire-cutting decoding function of ug cad software on the basis of the introduction of longmen ceremony new old mouse he design, manufacture of machine tool association said: “the high-quality goods service brand association” to continue efforts to converter principle of seiko sell low-power ripple suppression voltage stabilizer with wheeled sand mixer operation procedures to train. Bearing seat of superfinishing equipment development is breakthrough in treatment of waste liquid of metal cutting fluid citic manufacturing and join together 1 made heavy double column vertical automobile cylinder head valve seat and catheter hole processing technology ac610m/ac630m precision turning typical card “number (CAM platform milling nc machining programming function is in stark contrast. Machinery industry machine working world application software development direction of the whole analysis how to solve the Chinese pro/e engineering drawing autocad after garbled characters transformation problem.
Detection technology the use structure of car manufacturing ability of corrosion part friction SKF 6207 Bearings Supplier strength of alloy parts, bearing housing, contact load relatively speaking, have bearing various demands of the movement to reduce friction material. Part to fully satisfy intensity under the friction coefficient, has good fatigue strength, impact bearing alloy thickness is 13 mm) 0130 speed load belittle selected by strict surface connection bad lubrication material, a kind of to prevent. Bearing in the bearing shaft directly contact with load and pillar is relative motion.
A person on the bearing shell material puts forward various requirements, request the coefficient of friction between the friction pair is, but some outside is also very satisfied. For example. Should have sufficient compressive strength, fatigue strength and the ability to withstand impact. The thickness of the bearing alloy (0.013 0.13) mm. Tackiness resistance would be great. When the load is very large, rotating frequency is higher, bearing gap, the surface finish is not high, poor lubrication, attention should be paid to be strictly selected material, to prevent friction friction pair of the combination of the first. Foreign body adaptability and holding ability. Low hardness, thermal plasticity, elastic coefficient is fairly low material of good adaptability and the ability to accommodate foreign body. Good corrosion resistance, low price, the source… . Generated by oxidation of colloidal accumulation after the bearing shell material corrosion speed. Bearing and bearing lining commonly used material into metal materials and nonmetal materials, as well as two kinds, ordinary grey cast iron ball is suitable for the part of the casting foundry ink, slow light came to the linkage of three months, due to give birth to ab or composition of spheroidal graphite surface lubrication graphite class.
ZCHSNSB with 10 is better than the six countries of corrosive, strong ability to resist adding together, combined with the steel back, the price is expensive, suitable for highway overload. For example, to develop a prototype ZCHPBSB 16-16-2 combined resistance is poor, thermal expansion gender differences “, “not suitable for quickly. Such a alloy good abrasion resistance, resistance to glue, not easy to thermal conductivity is big, it’s best to do bearing shell material. 30 zcupb steel attached to the sintering and a pair of metal casting with the bearing bush back inside surface, add together the excellent performance of 10 – l zcusn antifriction and wear resistance are good, the best bearing materials, the general manager, the material of hardness and strength than a alloy, corrosion, high school and differences, first need proper shaft hardness and roughness is suitable for medium speed overloading. Low tin aluminum wheels, but not including sn 0.5 high tin aluminum wheel, but does not include 20% sn, diesel car body this kind of material of high strength, and corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity. Iron powder, graphite powder, copper powder ten graphite powder to molding, sintering and aperture structure hole hole 15 ~ 35 formation pore leaching cooking oil and oil bearing. The bearing shell are characterized by their smooth by bad applies only to load and speed of small and medium-sized, poor moist conditions.


Rolling bearing life increase basic principles

In order to give full play to and maintain its long-term bearing should be regular maintenance, need attributes at a lower level (check).
Through proper regular inspection, early detection of fault, prevent accident respond to improve productivity and economical efficiency is very important.
Rolling bearing selection need to consider the bearing price, or by using a higher load, but also or just use normal bearing, bearing, and seek to lengthen life. High load capacity, such as bearing roller bearing roller convex bandage symmetric cone roller bearing build and ball bearing, roller bearing surface of the ball the ball before the fixed channel bus or 70000 CD series bearings, bearing load capacity have higher or improve the stress distribution state, or roller number may be higher levels of endurance.
In order to choose the right bearing size, must be precise calculation or the actual control roller speed and the work load and temperature changes. Maximum bearing load, so although the resource load, but the most difficult to measure and the biggest need accurate measurement. When load measurement is difficult, the actual measurement of engine power consumption and power transmission line keep expected losses along, until find out the actual bearing load. Calculated or measured load, bearing fatigue private expectations of amplitude decreases, and will need to try to correct. If allowed to match the size of the installation site, if there is a limit bearing radial dimensions, in a wider range of bearing is a bearing widely; If you don’t use a wider range of bearings, bearing load capability.
Rolling bearing material choice also consider its price, but, when had to use vacuum smelting, electroslag remelting steel or need to pay attention to lubrication conditions, in order to improve the bearing WanShanHua pirelli can look forward to. Of course, choose high quality steel products, bearing system in high load bearing, but more expensive cars and traffic inconvenience, it is difficult to bearing installation or mines, tunnels, bearing condition is very complex, the unit still sometimes use must be considered.
1, clean
First of all, will cancel the check bearing use this attitude to see photography record. In addition, to confirm the amount of residual lubricant and lubricant samples and then clean the bearing.
Rough washing and fine washing and cleaning points, you can use these to put metal frame at the bottom of the container.
B, rough washing, cleaning and lubricating oil or cyst in adhesion. At this point, if the oil in the bearing rotation, attention to foreign object damage and surface rolling.
C, wash oil, slowly rotating bearing, must carefully.
Usually use neutral detergent or solvent anhydrous diesel, with warm sometimes lye so when necessary. No matter what, always filter cleaner clean.
After cleaning, immediately on the antirust coating anticorrosive oil or fat.
2, check and court
To court to withdraw reuse, bearing must inspect the size precision, rotating accuracy and the mating surface inside the game, the lawn surface separator and seal rings etc.
About the test results, you can adapt, bearing bearing or judgment.
Judgment standard and the important degree, mechanical properties and control depends on the cycle, such as the following bearing damaged, need to reuse not replace.
1) bearing spare parts damage defects.
(2) the path on the surface of the rolling surface stripping agent.

Check the running temperature bearing contact Angle

Ordinary bearing temperature with bearing work began to slowly rise, 1 to 2 hours to reach steady state. Bearing in the normal temperature, hot car, heat dissipating capacity and load speed and different. If appropriate lubrication, installation department, will rise sharply angular contact ball bearing temperature, the temperature anomalies, must stop and take the necessary precautions.
Used to monitor the bearing can always feel the work and realize temperature, temperature more than e. automatic alarm or stop to prevent the shaft accident.
Based on the bearing except in the high part. High temperature is also bad for lubrication. Sometimes can be classified the self-lubricating bearing overheating. If the bearing more than 125 ℃ temperature even transfer the resources of the lower bearing for a long time. The causes of high temperature bearing include: lubrication inadequate or excessive lubrication, the lubricant. Contains impurities, load, bearing clearance is too large, damage, shortage and high friction and preservation, etc.
So continuous monitoring contact Angle bearing temperature is necessary, whether bearing itself or other important details. If these conditions, the temperature changes may also constantly said it had had an accident.
Bearing temperature measurement can often help you don’t need, such as digital thermometer, precision bearings and Fahrenheit thermometer temperature or temperature ℃ – unit shows.
When the bearing is important equipment damage, so lead to stop, so the bearing should be equipped with temperature sensors.
In order to better play to the bearing, the bearing lubrication situation, choose the best direct relationship between the stability of equipment operation. The choice of bearing grease consider the following aspects:
1. Rust resistance
Can’t rust inhibitor. Grease should have good adhesion grease in the bearing contact Angle and the anti-corrosion effect. In the oil film layer material appearance.
2. Stability of the machine
The leaked. The normal operation, grease in mechanical processing will soften. Fat pad bearing internal fault. If the machine lack of stability, the fat and do soap grease is the result of the mechanical structure damage, and loss of grease lubrication.
3. Oil seal
Bearing oil seal process is need maintenance and lubrication of ball bearing contact Angle of contamination from barrier. Whether different or humidity could not enter the bearing, in case of damage results. Strengthen the equipment, the biggest effect of the most important factors in bearing life. At the same time, must pay attention to the bearing, bearing of cleanliness, selection and correct selection of the appropriate installation and maintenance tools. In addition, it is necessary to avoid pollution and the bearing to ensure water is completely installed and lubricant. The best bearing, oil seal, several projects of lubrication condition and lubrication cycle type, even special feeding still plays an important role.
4. Mixed oil
If not, oil blending two never mix incompatible grease. Usually they will soft consistency, finally can easily fat ball bearing contact Angle erosion damage. If you don’t know how to use lubricated bearing early, must first thoroughly clean the bearing inside and outside the new and old liquor can be added fat.
5. The classification of the grease
Grease consistency and lubricating ability in working temperature of the next operation temperature must choose the bearing contact Angle at the same temperature and the concentration has a good effect of lubricating grease. Oils are made in different working temperature range can be divided into low temperature, the temperature around the wen and fat. At the same time, according to the basic conditions and temperature difference: fat according to the allowable temperature to class work. Have a class called fat or extrusion machine and molybdenum disulfide to add, and the other additives at the same time, strengthen the lubricating oil film strength.
6. An important factor in the choice of grease
Choose a fat fat if you choose the wrong clinical prevention of bearing. Oil viscosity of main working temperature can provide enough important strategy of the lubrication effect are mainly affected by the temperature, because the temperature of up and down, when the temperature drops, growth. Therefore, we need to base oil viscosity in the working temperature. Manufacturers will usually specify use some fat, but most areas are very widely used lubrication.
Such as vibration and axis horizontal or vertical position, the cooling effect; Seal; The environment. Several important factors: select the machinery lubrication ball bearing contact Angle; Childbirth; Working temperature size; Workload, work scope and speed.